Corporate Advisory Bangladesh

We help clients in developing their corporate strategy, enabling them to establish more effective organizations, lower expenses, and expand the scope for technological intervention.

In the long term, we will be closely associated with guiding our clients to achieve their business strategy. Our experience, along with an understanding of local business practices and personal ties, enables us to assist your business goals.
In a rapidly growing economy like Bangladesh, there is constant change and improvement in the way businesses are conducted. Global best practices are growing more important, as are compliance requirements. We give our clients with the proper blend of global best practices tailored particularly for the unique challenges of operating in Bangladesh depending on our years of expertise dealing with international clients.
Organizations strive to be smart, nimble, creative, and forward-thinking in both difficult and favorable economic times. Staffline Bangladesh offers customers profound technical expertise and significant industry experience to help them handle business difficulties that go beyond typical audit services

Business advisory services

Whether you are a expanding global organization or just starting out, our skilled advisors can assist you any time.Staffline’s advising practice, which includes deals and consulting, is the go-to partner for global, local, and government clients. We provide commercial and financial assistance to companies with considerable growth potential. Among our services are:

  • Due diligence valuations
  • Consultancy, Business Advice
  • Independent business reviews and
  • Investigations and forensic accounting
  • Accountancy, Payroll, Auditing, Business advice
  • Cash flow forecasts, Feasibility studies
  • Technical Collaboration
  • Company formation and Corporate Services
  • Setting up Liaison /Branch Office
  • Setting up Provident Fund, Gratuity Fund and Pension Fund
  • Feasibility Study
  • Due Diligence Reporting
  • Corporate Finance (M&A Advisory)

Staffline Bangladesh can assist your business with legal, marketing, operational, financial, and project management needs as it expands. We work closely with each company’s leaders and senior employees to understand its business strategy and the essential functions of its success.

Consulting : Our Services can assist you in making changes inside your organization to achieve particular goals, either on a project or on a long-term basis, by evaluating your needs and managing development, implementation, and training until it is accomplished.


We can assist your company set long-term goals and particular plans, review and implement present operations, and generate future recommendations.

Our Services can assist you in making changes inside your organization to achieve particular goals, either on a project or on a long-term basis, by evaluating your needs and managing development, implementation, and training until conclusion.

Our expert IT Services are designed to protect the security and efficiency of your IT environment and operations, reducing risk of loss, increasing corporate security, improving overall business flow, and addressing any needed statutory compliance with data rules in your industry.

Our risk management Services are designed to help you identify, assess, and manage current and future business risks, as well as measure and monitor the effectiveness of your risk management strategies. We also help you minimize risk by improving efficiency, reducing prices, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Every existing business or new endeavor should be evaluated for its strengths and shortcomings. Learn more about how our feasibility studies may assist you in evaluating the feasibility of a business proposition.

Our turnaround services might help you revive an underperforming organization or business unit. Learn how our company remodeling services can help you get a competitive advantage.

Staffline’s legal advisors can help startups set together templates and examine various contracts and agreements in a cost-effective manner.
Shareholder agreements, employment agreements, service agreements, and business contracts are examples of these.

survival and progress frequently necessitate the need for change, and hence change management. As complexity grows, our consultants can assist you in keeping things simple. Learn more about our change management service.

Do you have a standard operating procedure in place? Learn how our consultants can help you standardize activities throughout your organization.

Effective corporate governance requires clear and consistent policies and procedures. Discover how our business consulting professionals can help you create or maintain your policies and procedures.


Organizations, whether new or old, can benefit from having an objective third party analyze and fine-tune their operations. The Business Advisory team of Staffline Bangladesh provides expert advisory services to help firms examine and overcome financial and legal challenges.
We can identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest direct and effective remedies through a wide range of consulting services, with the ultimate goal of increasing the value of your organization.

1. Strategic planning and corporate strategy
2. Strategic Planning and Implementation
3. Brand strategy, growth, and innovation
4. Project Management, Corporate Management
5. Seminars & Workshops for Professional Development
6. Working Capital Management
7. Process Improvement in Business
8. Mergers and acquisitions
9. Due Diligence and Consulting
10. Seminars & Workshops for Professional Development
11. Development and training
12. Financial management and operational assessments
13. Co-sourcing/Outsourcing of Internal Audit
14. Compliance and Strategic Planning in Performance Benchmarking
15. Insurance Claims & Business Interruption


Maintaining Cost Alignment with Business Plan to Focus your organization to support your strategy and fuel profitable growth. Our diversified teams of creative, industry, and technology specialists help to accelerate the successful impact technology can have. by integrating business and industry understanding with digital innovation. our advisers can not only help you develop winning plans, but also execute on those projects.

• Building a compelling business case for change
• Creating a detailed implementation roadmap
• Efficient and successful change management
• Measuring progress against relevant methodology