Global Talent Management

Manage your Global Workforce from Anywhere in the World! Staffline Global Talent management solutions that put people first.

The empathy, flexibility and ingenuity of your people are what has kept your business moving during these uncertain times. How will you continue to attract, hire and retain the talent that adds value daily as recruitment competition grows more fierce?

To find highly competent individuals that fits your corporate culture, we rely on our deep understanding of technology. Reduce spending on hiring new employees and focus on expanding your core business. Embrace innovation and have your idea accomplished by our international talent.

Staffline has been working on an international scale for achieving progress in the necessary professional requirement. Global Talent Management is a necessity for every field of professional practice. It extends its pursuit in creating and reassessing new roles and jobs when there is a shortage of talented workers, changing demographics and reorganizing work structure.

Staffline is one of the pioneers in managing international human resource management in Bangladesh and South Asia. Our focus on the farthest reach of core jobs and creating a competitive advantage is unmatched. We have been active in human resource planning and projecting employee/staffing needs.

We focus mainly on:

1. Individuals with critical talent, high skills, and allied abilities who contribute to the organization’s success.
2. To develop and deploy persons with potential human capital in accordance with an organization’s strategic development.
3. The need for both localized (home-based) and international talent.
4. Talent planning is the process of identifying future talent at all levels of a business.
5. Individuals with less rotation and more loyalty.

At Staffline, we provide services for both IT and non-IT professions; our framework for developing and supplying the right talent goes beyond the boundaries of specific professions. Our service to our clients has always been professional and of good conduct, which has resulted in beneficial returns for the clients and significant appreciation for our service to them.

 IT and non-IT professions.

Let us Handle the Complexities

Say Goodbye to International Borders

Manage and onboard your global talent from anywhere in the world with ease.

Competitive Benefits Package

Remote employee gets comprehensive benefits in accordance with respective law of land

Best-in-class Payroll Solution

Using our cloud-based system, you can pay your global employees on time and in compliance way faster.

Seamless Onboarding

We manage the entire onboarding process, from visa applications to payroll and tax compliance.

Risk Mitigation

As your Employer of Record, we assume the employment duties to safeguard your company and employees

Expertise Across 50+ Countries

We guarantee you the best quality of service in Bangladesh and Asia, 24/ 7

Recruit & Hire Fully Vetted Global Talent in Days

Human capital can make or break a company. Using Staff line’s Recruit & Hire services, you may discover the best qualified candidates for your difficult-to-fill positions.

Staffline Recruitment can help you find the right person for the job.

Don’t limit your search to your local region. Find the right candidate for in-demand roles anywhere in the world. You are only as good as your people, so find the right ones to help your business grow.

That’s where we come in. Satffline can manage all your end-to-end remote global hiring needs: 

Global Presence, Local Expertise

Utilize the knowledge of our in-country HR, payroll, compliance, labor law and tax specialists.