Are you struggling to find qualified software developers? Allow us to assist you in expanding your team in Asia. A Reliable Partner to Multinational Clients

Premium developers are more affordable in Bangladesh and Asia Europe, Germany, Canada, Australia and USA. That way you can grow better, with less risk and more profit. We can find the best developer, programmer, and engineers for you as an Offshore Tech staffing company with a large presence in Asia.

We serve Asian, Australian, European, and North American companies. We have a ready candidate pool and can fill your required position within 7 working days within less than half of the cost.

Our presence:We have a large presence in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, Germany, Philippine, Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar.

Industry we cover for IT Staffing:Fintech, Healthcare, Telecom, Real Estate, Software/ITes, ecommerce, Fintech, Education, Retail, Automotive, Startup,

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IT staffing that is flexible for today's digital workplace.

Accelerate your growth


Exceptional IT talent and scalable staffing solutions for companies of all sizes. Our highly skilled IT consultants extend your team’s capabilities without the overhead of in-house employees. We'll take care all of their payroll, Legal compliance, Labor law, on boarding to off boarding. Just send your requirements


Our dedicated direct placement recruitment services put in-demand IT talent across Asia. Proactive recruiting identifies hidden talents and better prepares clients for potentially tight labor pools.


Temporary IT contracting is an excellent strategy for gaining short-term access to skilled IT professionals. With our 3-to-1 hiring ratio, we ensure the right hire at the right moment, allowing you to alter your staffing as required.

What Staffline can do for you

  1. Front-end developers
  2. Back-end developers
  3. Full-stack developers
  4. App developers 
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Scrum Master
  8. UX/UI Frontend Support
  9. Backend and Server Support
  10. Maintenance

We support you in achieving your goals in software development and digital transformation. Our team will support you to build your team in Asia with UX/UI, frontend, backend, and server specific topics

Maximize the Quality of your Projects with the Top 5% IT Talent

Every successful project requires the assistance of a right sized team with the appropriate competence. Staffline's IT Staffing Services are meant to improve project quality by bringing in skilled software engineers with specialized skills. We collaborate with the Top 5% of IT Talent to give your company with the speed and flexibility it needs to expand quickly and establish tech-driven competitive advantages. Our IT personnel interacts with your internal team by attending daily meetings and reporting directly to your management area.
Staffline Bangladesh specializes in assisting multinational companies with long-term hires of full-time premium software developers from the Asian market.
We have hired the best South Asian developers and take pride in being named the best staffing company in the region for numerous years in a row. We ensure that our workers have the best terms in the industry and place a high value on their well-being, job security, and personal development.
In return, these measures offer us with the exclusive access to the greatest personnel, very low turnover, and excellent workforce stability.

Our Centers of Excellence

Cloud Computing (AWS, AZURE)

Cloud Computing (AWS, AZURE)

Get a skilled set of cloud computing (AWS, AZURE) candidates for your technological needs.

SAP /Oracle

SAP /Oracle

Find the right SAP professional for your business that can improve employee productivity and data communication.
Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics

Build a community of data scientists and analytics for your organizational development.
JAVA Full Stack

JAVA Full Stack

Hire Java full-stack developers who are familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other back-end languages. They make the software much easier and know how to work on all the parts of a site (front end or back end), so they can use the best tools.


Source and acquire myriad sales force talent for industries like IT, pharma, healthcare, manufacturing etc. and take your business to the next level.



Build a strong team to secure your business from data leakages and cyber theft threats.