Third Party Payroll Service

Focus on your core business! We manage your payroll and provide a comprehensive range of human resource services for your flexible workforce. Streamline Your Entire Payroll Process with Staffline - Third Party Payroll Outsourcing Services
Paying your staff on time while maintaining to rigorous compliance is critical to your organization's success. Are you evaluating your payroll provider correctly? End-to-End Solution for Third-Party Payroll Outsourcing?
Minimize Workload, utilizing our Expertise and Reduce the Risks involved with Direct Hire. Third Party Payroll Processing is a complicated and time-consuming operation, especially for small businesses who do not have a dedicated payroll manager. While large corporations may have numerous personnel devoted to payroll processing, small and medium-sized companies may find it more efficient and cost effective to utilize an outside payroll processing company.

We offer Third Party Payroll Services, Statutory Compliance, Leave and Attendance Management, Employee Self Service, Client Self Service Portal

Staffline’s Efficient Payroll Management in Bangladesh is essential for providing smooth and efficient Payroll Services offered by outsourcing firms to other companies and organizations in Bangladesh. Daily attendance record keeping and leave management with statutory compliance and a timely reporting system for a well-organized payroll administration system contribute to lower employee turnover and improved operational efficiency. Daily attendance record keeping, leave management with statutory compliance, and a timely reporting system for well-organized payroll management helps to run with minimal staff turnover. Many businesses manage their payroll systems with dedicated staff members, whereas others outsource it to other professional companies offering Third Party Payroll in Bangladesh.

Payroll management outsourcing may be beneficial and cost-effective for small and large companies. Payroll Outsourcing Benefits Many specialists outsourcing companies in South Asia provide Payroll Outsourcing services, which have numerous advantages for businesses and individuals that deal with them. Employers benefit from a low-cost and effective payment system that manages daily employee attendance and leave. The employee gets error-free payments and other related services linked with payroll administration and employee salary or compensation management, reducing the company's overall operational cost. Payroll Outsourcing Enables Payroll management is managing employee attendance and salary management, including leaves, employee payment, and fund management.

Payroll outsourcing companies provide payroll outsourcing for businesses and their subsidiaries, including services such as daily attendance, leave records, PF, Gratuity, Advances, WPPF, Health & Medical Insurance, Social Security, TDS, and loan processing for all employees. Companies providing Staffline handle all regulatory transactions with a reporting system to customers based on pre-determined schedules and agreements. Outsourcing payroll service is achievable by sharing all employee records with the organizations. Companies must exchange all documents of employee attendance and compensation. Working with trustworthy and ethical services, outsourcing payroll professionals makes safe use of all the information given by the source.

Companies must share all records regarding employee attendance and payments. Outsourcing companies utilize the information to process payments to the relevant department. Working with trustworthy and ethical companies, outsourcing payroll professionals makes safe use of all information given by original employers.
According to their outsourcing agreements, we provide services with complete transparency and confidentiality of every customer's data. Staffline is a full-service supplier of third-party payroll services in South Asia for all sorts of businesses and organizations at a low cost.

Fits Your Needs

Staffline's payroll system scales with your organization and adjusts to your particular needs. It is built on accuracy, timeliness, and compassion.
Don't make concessions to rigid systems that require you to depend on a patchwork of temporary fixes and workarounds

Accurate & Dependable

Our platform easily manages any size payroll, and our complete suite of business tools assists with every part of managing your company and staff on a regular basis. Whether your payroll needs are simple or sophisticated, our dedicated support staff will collaborate with you to ensure tailored products and services that are best for your company.

our payroll service includes

1. Payroll Preparation, FICA, FIT & SIT Tax Withholdings
2. Issuing of Checks & Reporting
3. E-Verify and Job Cost Accounting Reports
4. Paramedics and Customized Reports
5. Federal Payroll Summaries, Paid Leave Program and
6. Earned Income Credit
7. Payroll Check Reconciliation and Vacation & Sick Time Accruals
8. Comprehensive Payroll Deductions and Wage/Hour Law Compliance Reports
9. Multiple State Deposits & Filing and New Hire Reporting
10. Department Summary and Multiple Worksites
11. Direct Deposit and Automated Check Signing
12. Full Internet Payroll and HR Communication Module
13. Employee payslips and payroll hours and earnings each pay period
14. Federal, state, and local tax filings and Automated Check Stuffing
15. Pre-employment Background Checks, Payroll Delivery
16. Multiple Payroll Input Options and Checks Signing & Stuffing in Envelopes

Benefits of Third-party payroll services at Staffline

➤ We protect the company from liability for temporary hires made on their own.
➤ We help to save administrative costs, burdens, time savers, and the risk of adding to the in-house payroll headcount.
➤ We run payroll smoothly, pay employees and withhold taxes, Deposit funds or issue payment, and calculate and deduct taxes.
➤ We provide the necessary government reports, administer employee benefits, and shared responsibility, and integrate time sheets into tax liabilities and payable salaries.
➤ We run payroll smoothly, pay employees and withhold taxes, Deposit funds or issue payments, and Calculate and deduct taxes.
➤ We provide the necessary government reports, administer employee benefits and shared responsibility, and integrate time sheets into tax liabilities as well as payable salaries,
➤ We provide management reports, manage tax deducted at source, tax filings, and deductions.
➤ We process payment discrepancies and manage wage garnishments and other ad hoc requirements of the organization.
➤ We use greater technology access to help clients better focus on their business goals.

Working with Staffline’s Payroll Services lets you control hiring expenses while reducing the burden on existing staff. You can also manage headcount while complying with independent contractor requirements.