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The Staffline Bangladesh shared services concept focuses on complete end-to-end HR department services. This 'hub' houses all administrative HR functions.

A Brief Review of Our HR Shared Services

Our services are adaptable to the demands of various departments, units, and even clients because they span the entire firm. Based on recruitment and operational procedures, our services may be classified into many categories. It might be in-source, outsource, or even on and off-shore. Staffline provides a variety of shared services. We provide comprehensive assistance for your organization's digitization and operationalization of HR services, including Payroll Services, HR Back Office support, and HRIS development, through our global connections.

In addition to board level training and other capacity building programs such as candidate evaluation and interviewing skills, sales, brand, and marketing trainings, and so on, we provide our flagship Leadership Development course.

Because we are compliant, our services may meet the urgent demands of several units at the same time, including worldwide branches. As a result, our HR shared services are particularly well-suited to large-scale businesses. Human resource process outsourcing is also a fantastic service.

Why Should You Invest in Our HR Shared Services?

The first consideration for each possible step for any business owner is how it would assist their firm. We have previously stated in the preceding section how we may assist you save money and time. However, there are further advantages.

Strategic Human Resource System Development

Our entire staff is solely focused to providing better strategic HR services. We consolidate all HR activities in one location, leaving the other departments free to focus on their areas of competence. As a result, we may contribute to the development of a more adaptable and proactive organizational structure.

Sharing of Information and Knowledge

Our HR shared services focus on centralizing all administrative HR tasks on a single platform. It leads to a common ground of knowledge and other material that can be freely shared inside your firm. It entails exchanging information from various divisions, geographies, and knowledge and insight into how to better engage with consumers, market, and other stakeholders.

Improving Client Services

HR shared services provide a common foundation for exchanging expertise and information, allowing us to improve service quality. The system itself becomes more efficient and consistent as a result of the continual exchange of information and improved service quality. As a result, we can provide more exceptional quality services to our potential consumers.

Avoiding Work Duplication

If each department of a corporation is required to perform tedious tasks, it is easy to see how the job will be ineffective. That factor, however, is eliminated by our HR shared services. Because all of the company's administrative HR functions will be concentrated, there will be less duplication of labor and effort, resulting in time savings and increased productivity.

Cost Optimization

Finally, our HR shared services contribute significantly to cost reduction. Different units may concentrate on their own fields without having to worry about this particular service. As a result, if you want to achieve long-term success, our HR shared services will help you save money.

We offer cost-cutting alternatives to our clients through the best utilizing way out.

Proper compensation design.

Our HR Shared Services