Expatriate Management Service

We offer a whole host of expatriate services in Kenya by providing the solutions you need in one location, including but not limited to. Focus on normative/statistical tax for employees on global assignments, including hypothetical and gross-up calculations.

You do not need to send your HR department over, as Flexi Personnel will provide you with qualified expatriate services in Bangladesh and wider South Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia in order to help you set up and scaling your administrative business operations.

HR administration: We handle over HR management and assist you comply with local employment laws in every country you wish to expand.

Immigration process support: We support you in applying for work permits & Visa. Dependent Passes are required if your expats wish to relocate with their families.

Payroll and tax administration: We provide fully managed payroll services and ensure legislative compliance of payroll tax in every country you wish venture into. We have a robust automated system that enables multi-currency salary and tax processing.

Business startup support: We support you with localization of HR Policies, labor Law, Tax law, employment contracts and continuous virtual HR Support if your wish to manage the HR function in house smoothly.

Third party payments: We assist you with third-party payments for regular expenditures such as housing rent, utility bills, automobile rental, Social Security, Health Insurance and other needs you may have faster.

Taxes related to overseas assignments are particularly complex for employees and multinational employers. Our global expatriate services professionals work to minimize tax burden and compliance risk. We optimize global tax positions, streamline the tax compliance process and enhance the overall experience for global businesses and their mobile workforces.

Expatriate Tax Services

Our Expatriate Tax Team helps people with the tax issues that they face upon moving to and working in another country. We will help you navigate the tax and social security responsibilities arising from relocating to other tax jurisdictions. Our expat tax team keeps abreast of constantly changing tax legislation so you can rest assured that you're compliant in all jurisdictions. We will help you navigate the tax and social security responsibilities arising from relocating to other tax jurisdictions. We make sure that you comply with all relevant foreign and domestic tax regimes.

We look after

Tax compliance in multiple jurisdictions
Employer & Employee tax registrations
Tax-efficient remuneration
Double taxation relief claims
Social Security applications
Expatriate Tax equalization Support
Payroll services
Liaising with foreign and domestic tax authorities
providing advice on social insurance compliance

According to current law, any company that want to hire foreign nationals must first obtain approval from the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). Expatriates are taxed on income generated while working in Bangladesh, irrespective of where it is paid, as well as foreign income received from sources in Bangladesh.

Since payroll processing requires specific expertise that many companies lack, it may necessitate extra effort on the part of the employer and can be quite stressful.


Before entering Bangladesh, the individual must obtain a visa. The type of visa required will be determined by the individual’s purpose for entering Bangladesh. Foreign workers in Bangladesh are required to get a work permit. The Board of Investment issues these. Foreign people seeking paid employment in Bangladesh must have a valid work permit. Bangladeshis are given priority in the employment market, and these permits are typically granted for work that local experts are unable or unable to do.

Bangladesh’s work permits are issued by three separate government agencies.Outside of the Processing Zone, the Board of Investment grants work permits for industrial enterprise, branch office, and liaison office employment in the private sector.

The Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority manages expat employment in export promotion zones, which include investment opportunities, proposals, and reports (BEPZA). Foreigners will be awarded a work permit by the NGO Affairs Bureau to work in any non-governmental organization in Bangladesh.

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  1. Residential accommodations
  2. Motor car
  3. Utilities
  4. Transformation
  5. Free or concessional educational facilities
  6. Free or concessional travel
  7. Sweeper, gardener, security, or domestic help
  8. Interest-free loans
  9. Meals
  10. Gifts, vouchers, tokens
  11. Club memberships
    • Recent tax developments and their impact on employee net income
    • Tax breaks are provided to expatriate employees.
    • Employees Social Security rates and maximum contributionsFamily Allowances
    • Employees’ usual deductions, allowances, and credits
    • Types of taxable employment income
    • The effect of marital status and family size on the overall tax burden
    • Current employment income tax rates and brackets

Staffline’s tax services are focused on normative/statistical tax for employees on overseas assignments, including hypothetical and gross-up calculations. This targeted approach enables us to provide tax necessities that are specifically designed for mobility managers.Our dedicated staff of registered CPA and EA tax professionals updates the Expat Tax Summaries on a yearly basis.