RPO-Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If you need us to manage parts of or the whole internal recruiting process, we will provide solutions that work whether you employ 10 or 1000 employees. Attract and engage the best talent with a proven RPO solution from Staffline

Are you seeing hiring demand return? Maybe you’re still trying to figure out how to recruit remote talent from wherever. RPO delivers the agility, expertise, and trained personnel required to propel your company forward.

As specialists, we know how to define your requirements. When you choose our RPO, you will be supported by an experienced recruitment staff.

Instead of searching for new staff by yourself, we can handle all of your recruitment needs. We can quickly and effectively identify the best talent for your company. Attract, engage, and hire top-tier talent for your organization with business-driven, people-focused recruitment solutions that are as individual as your business

Recruitment Process Outsourcing | RPO Services

Staffline Bangladesh Solutions is a leading RPO services provider in Bangladesh and Asia, assisting companies in finding the right talent in less time by utilizing better evaluations and predictive analytics.
Staffline provides the talent brain you need to make better employment decisions, support effective onboarding, and drive business growth.

We provide flexible and scalable recruiting solutions which can include anything from sourcing and selection to onboarding employees.

Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution is ideal for businesses who require a customized solution for their large volume, direct hire needs. Our solution provides a highly flexible, dedicated team approach tailored specifically to your program objective.

Instead of just filling positions, RPO collaborates with an organization to provide tailored services that include all or part of a client’s recruitment processes such as:
• Interviewing
• Candidate Management
• Offer Negotiation
• On-Boarding
• Workforce Planning
• Recruiting Strategy
• Sourcing and Screening
• Candidate Assessment

Get the benefits that only the Staffline RPO solution can provide.

By collaborating with us, you gain a team of professionals who become an extension of your company, learning about your direct hiring requirements and managing various process flows including sourcing, screening, reference checking, onboarding and offboarding. All of this is accomplished through a flexible delivery model that is customized to your culture and business objectives.


Need a transactional model where we source and screen? You got it. Do you need us to handle more of the process and use your internal systems as a partner? No problem.


We can support you with your demands, no matter how big or small, by using technology and delivering talent, all while complementing your own talent acquisition team. And if you pivot, either scaling up or down, we will pivot with you.


Our unconventional approach brings the power of the Staffline database, with millions of candidates, and our team of experienced recruiters to you.This means we can get started quickly to offer you with the skills you want.

Staffline Bangladesh, the top Top staffing firm, is dedicated to providing our clients with only the finest. Whether you require an all-encompassing recruitment solution or a distinct recruitment process. Our RPO consultants can provide recruitment solutions tailored to your particular requirements.
We can assist you in evaluating and improving your present recruitment methods. We can provide you with a very convincing and flexible recruitment solution for your company. The essential characteristics of our procedure are honesty and consistent communication with our clients.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing- The cost-effective outsourced talent attraction solution

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Service is totally customized to your needs, making it easier for you to find the people you require for your company. Staffline can provide a complete end-to-end solution, handling everything from sourcing through screening, assessing, and interviewing, as well as referencing, reporting, and job offers. Alternatively, we may hire on demand for specific positions as they become available, or we can search for applicants for a specific project. Our service is as flexible as you need it to be, so you may pick and choose what works best for you.

Why choose RPO?

Superior candidate experience. Stronger employer brand. Innovative recruitment technology. Alignment with your business and talent acquisition strategies. This is what distinguishes Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We asked industry experts to comment in on why organizations should choose Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
Here’s what they think.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing models

Each organization faces its own set of talent issues. Perhaps you need to reduce the amount of time it takes to fill a position, or you face challenges in providing an excellent applicant experience.
Whatever your recruiting challenges are, Staffline Bangladesh will work with you to assess your position, uncover the underlying core issues, and design an RPO solution that is most suited to your requirements and goals. These recruiting solutions are often divided into three different sorts of collaborations.

Enterprise RPO

Sourcing, engaging, interviewing, hiring, branding, onboarding… you name it, Enterprise RPO does it. This full-service offering is for when you want to totally alter your talent acquisition and recruiting, collaborating with us as we build and implement your customized solution. We and our embedded recruiting staff will hold you fully accountable for achieving your specific business and talent goals.

Hybrid RPO

When you need RPO service support for a specific location, business unit, or essential role inside your organization, hybrid RPO is the way to go.
We complement your current recruitment processes with a specialized team of recruiters in this sort of partnership.
They will live and breathe your culture, mission, Vision, and values, enabling your Human Resources team to focus on strategic business objectives.

Project RPO

Project RPO is an excellent choice when you need to make a large number of employees in a short period of time and your own team is already stretched thin. Staffline is in charge of the whole recruiting life cycle in this relationship.Staffline focuses on balancing quality and quantity to ensure that your talent requirements progress from your greatest concern to your greatest success.

An RPO partner can assist you in consolidating your hiring efforts.
So, whether you need full-time staff, contingent workers, or a mix of the two, candidates will have a seamless experience, and recruiting managers will have a long-term model that can flex and expand with hiring needs.