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Optimize your Workforce with Diversified Talent

Connect with Satffline's global offices and resources to find the qualified candidates you need to fill your vacant positions. We can ensure a number of workforce options to suit your needs. Using our expertise working under Managed Service Programs (MSP), we provide recruiting and workforce management solutions in Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the USA. We have extensive experience delivering contract and permanent staffing solutions to Fortune 500, mid-sized, and small-sized businesses. We are an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) employer.

Staffline offers a full-spectrum of customized workforce solutions worldwide. We work within all vertical markets and industries.In today's quickly changing global market, discovering new ways to optimize is essential. The success of your business is critical.
To get the most out of their staffing practices, HR leaders and operations managers all across the world are turning to workforce management (WFM) solutions. Investment in workforce management systems has steadily increased over the last five years, with worldwide market revenue from WFM applications estimated to reach US$5.5 billion by 2024. Business executives are seeing the benefits of carefully considering how they manage their workforces.

The workforce is the heartbeat of any company, and with the right people, enterprises can be revolutionized. Staflfine’s goal is to provide companies with world-class labor management solutions to help them succeed. We provide end-to-end HRO services focused at solving complex HR difficulties as a worldwide renowned workforce management services supplier. We offer everything you need to grow your business, from tailored staffing services to expert talent acquisition, search and recruiting, payroll compliance, global mobility, expatriate hiring, training and skill development, and managed workforce solutions.
We help you navigate the complexities of workforce management including tailormade Stafling solution, IT Staffing, delivering excellent targeted managed service, Inedge – Retail Solutions


Staffline's Managed Workforce Partnership, as a fully integrated element of your organization, provides an end-to-end solution for your entire workforce. Our Managed Workforce Solution handles all of your workforce activities, from recruitment to roster management to compliance and payroll, removing the need for expensive staffing solutions and related implementation costs. This service offers a comprehensive outsourced staffing solution for both your permanent and contractual workforce.

Benefits of Staffline workforce management

We achieve cost savings and advantages by implementing our revolutionary Satffline Managed Workforce solution. Unlike hourly employees, talented workers from our Staffline Managed Workforce have predetermined hours of work for a certain length of time.Using the Staffline Managed Workforce delivers increased workforce stability by providing you with a permanent workforce while Staffline remains the legal employer of the staff member.


>>> Increased profits, Lower labor costs, anywhere access and Business Insights
>>> Simplified onboarding, Maximized productivity
>>> Reduced errors and accidents, Higher customer satisfaction
>>> Higher employee morale, Reduced legal compliance risks
>>> Automatic attendance tracking and Improved workforce productivity
>>> A safer workplace and Employee engagement
>>> Flexible scheduling, Security, Fewer errors and ensure accurate, timely data
>>> Reduce costs and risk, Improve workforce productivity and High-Powered Recruiting.
>>> Effective Solutions, Cost & Productivity Control and Accurately forecast future workload
>>> Reduce manual efforts involved in staff planning, and optimize your shift schedules
>>> Prevent over or understaffing, Track and measure workforce KPIs

Intelligent Workflow Automation and Set Reminder

Staffline allows users to set email notifications for better workflow, create checklists to manage activities, schedule reminders for important events, set up multi-level approvals, and link with third-party APIs. We eliminate redundancy, increase accuracy, and ensure your data is always timely and comprehensive by automating the overwhelming number of your daily HR activities.

>>> Leave management such as Sick, casual, maternity, paternity, festival, annual leave
>>> Social Security, Health and medical insurance status
>>> Time and attendance tracking, OT Calculation
>>> Pay slip and income tax processing
>>> Forms & letters generation such as AL, RL,IL
>>> Role based access, Job Description
>>> FLeave and expense management with workflow
>>> Notifications and approvals on email
>>> Alerts and announcements

Human Resources Information System provides:

1. Payslip Generation
2. On-boarding, Management of Leaves
3. Attendance Monitoring, Payroll,
4. Self-Service for Employees
5. Employee Database Administration
6. E-TDS, Compliance & Statutory
7. Reports and Online employee self-service to access Pay slip
8. IT certification, Travel Administration
9. Employee Disengagement
10. Cycle of Performance Evaluation
11. Administration of Benefits and Time Recorder

HR's most intelligent strategy to workforce management

1. Monthly reports on the Pay Register, Reconciliation, and Service Reports are delivered.
2. Client-specific tailored and automated MIS.
3. Salary record updates and salary structure adjustments
4. Arrears, incentives, and variable compensation are all calculated.
5. Preparing of full and final Settlements.
6. Web-enabled Payroll and HR Technology platform
7. Reduce costly errors and fraud.
8. Receive daily e-mail with punch records.
9. It is simple to use and to set up.
10. Internet based with no software to install