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Our offshore staffing services can assist your company's manpower and cost savings while minimizing risk and maintaining a consistent cost structure. Staffline Bangladesh is your software development partner, not just a staffing outsourcing company.

Offshore IT Staffing | Bangladesh

Staffline Bangladesh provides dedicated offshore IT staffing solutions in addition to talent acquisition and recruitment services. We assist you in dealing with the issues of identifying and recruiting potential IT employees from all over the world. We have established processes and are working on specific IT solutions to assist you in finding the perfect applicant at the lowest cost possible. Because we are based in South Asia, cost reduction occurs in key areas like office space, basic infrastructure, professional fees, and salaries.

Staffline specializes in IT recruitment process assistance, providing high-quality offshore full-cycle recruitment support, including admin, back-office services, payroll and candidate sourcing, and assisting you in hiring top-tier information technology, software, web development, SAP, and other tech professionals.

We assist our clients in the IT industry expand by performing extensive research, smart screening, talent sourcing, interviewing, following references, and recruiting the best candidate.

We create a strategic plan that defines your company objectives, analyses the kind of jobs you require, and makes hiring recommendations based on these criteria. A customized, flexible, and cost-effective solution for recruiting rapidly and efficiently.

Our recruiters make a concerted effort to learn about your company’s culture, operations, and management style, and then collaborate with your human resources department to give the best possible hiring. We want to assist you in growing your business by providing you with tech-savvy multi-skilled personnel who will help you reach all of your business objectives.

End-to-end staffing services to produce a winning workforce for all of your personnel needs. We leverage our global exposure and experience in staffing services to not only match your manpower needs, but also to ensure that you make the most of your human resource investment.


What is Offshore IT staffing?

Are you looking for an overseas partner to set up an overseas section for your business and manage all operations, including recruitment? Offshore IT employment is shifting from costly economies to less expensive ones in order to have access to more talent and provide services at a competitive rate.

In these situations, Offshore IT staffing is a suitable solution:

How does Offshore staffing work with us?

As an employer, we manage your employees in the Bangladesh and Asia, yet your employees are dedicated to you and report to you.


1) We discuss about how we can help you manage the process. Discuss specific IT business processes that you want to offshore 2) Matching skills. we match the abilities you require and employ your offshore team 3) Support. We take care your staff and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • SHARED space-working in a collaborative environment.
  • DEDICATED space- if you also require your own space.
  • Read in more detail-how offshore IT staffing works

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How Our IT Staffing Services Work : Staffline Bangladesh

At Staffline Bangladesh, we provide IT staffing solutions from the Asia Market. Our experienced team will help you find the right talent for your project needs. Learn more about how our process works on this page.

3 Simple Steps to Successfully Start IT Offshoring in Bangladesh & South Asia

IT offshoring is the practice of outsourcing IT processes to a business in another country. It is often done to take advantage of lower labor costs and to gain access to more talent. With our unique IT outsourcing solution, you may work directly with your team while we handle the rest. Here are our three simple steps to get started:

1) Discuss how we can help you manage the process-Discuss specific IT business processes that you want to offshore.

2) Matching skills - We’ll match the particular skills you need, and employ your offshore team in Asia.

3) Support- We ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Offshore IT Staffing FAQ

1. What is Offshore IT Staffing?

Staffline Bangladesh, a well-known offshore IT staffing company, offers expert staffing solutions to small, medium, and large corporations. You can outsource a small portion of your workforce or entire departments. Our outstanding range of services includes creative services, customer care, employee recruitment, and back-office work.

3. What are the benefits of offshore staffing?

When you choose Staffline Bangladesh for your offshore staffing functions, you no longer have to pay high labor costs, and your production will suffer as a result. Certain business tasks will be completed by a team of industry experts. There will be an abundance of highly trained offshore business professionals available. You will be able to focus on key business concerns.

5. Who can source Offshore IT Staffing Services?

Offshore IT staffing services are available to all organizations, small, medium, and big, seeking operational efficiency to enhance revenue and profitability. Staffline Bangladesh specializes in selecting the best workers and providing a comfortable and secure office environment for your remote staff to work in.

2. How does Offshore IT Staffing save money?

Companies that hire an offshore IT Staffing company may save money on full-time office staff and reinvest that money in strategic priorities. Staffline Bangladesh aims to create an exclusive database of experienced based IT professionals that can manage small to large teams and coordinate with clients regardless of their location.

4. Do you have an in-house facility to train the staff?

Yes, Staffline Bangladesh has an in-house training facility. In-house staff training helps increase staff retention, establishes a link with offshore staff and clients, reduces data theft and fraud, ensures security, and prepares staff to manage complicated circumstances with ease. Employees can also learn and advance in their careers through training.

6. How is Staffline Bangladesh Offshore Staffing different from other staffing firms?

Staffline Bangladesh's staff proposes the most profitable option for your organization, allowing you to stand out among rivals. We assist you in dealing with the issues of identifying and recruiting potential IT staff from around the world. The streamlined process and optimal utilization of IT tolls aid in identifying the right candidate while reducing potential costs.