Recruitment Methodology

Recruiting company for skilled, unskilled, Technical workforce Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Attracting talent has never been more difficult.

Depending on the needs, we will source candidates from a variety of sources for hiring and recruitment, including all of the following or any of the following sources.

  • Head hunting

  • Printing & pasting posters

  • Web media

  • Social Media

  • Referencing

  • Job portals etc.

  • Printing & pasting posters

  • News paper inserts

  • SMS blast on targeted database

  • Taking help of other consultants

  • Employment exchanges


In addition to the written JD (Job Description), we work to understand from our clients the key qualities they are seeking in candidates before making a hiring decision. In some cases, these qualities may not be possible to mention in the JD, and as a result, candidates may be selected or rejected regardless of whether they possess all the necessary skills. Our recruiters and headhunters discuss the tailored screening questionnaire with each shortlisted applicant and grade them on the traits on a scale of 1 to 10, and then they build the final screened shortlist based on the ratings obtained. Only candidates receiving a certain number of ratings are suggested to clients for further consideration. Several instances of those qualities include:

  • Stability in past career

  • Degree of matching with required skills sets

  • Fitment into particulars clients work environment/culture/Valuesystem

  • Time taken to join

  • Time taken to join

  • Salary fitment as per the budget mentioned by the client

  • Any other specials requirements of client etc.


We begin following up with the client and candidates as soon as we receive interview confirmation from them, at least three hours before the scheduled interview time. This helps us avoid any last-minute surprises and ensures that the meeting goes as planned. We keep both clients and candidates updated in the event of any last-minute adjustments.


We make every effort to respond to feedback as soon as possible in order to keep applicants informed and updated.


We participate in negotiations and the closing process, depending on the comfort level of the individual and the client, to make sure everything goes smoothly and both parties feel like winners at the end.


Based on joining confirmation, we continue to follow up with clients and applicants to guarantee a smooth onboarding and joining process.

Post Joining

Even after the candidate starts working for the company, we stay in touch with him or her to make sure that everyone is happy and satisfied with each other. We talk to candidates initially once a week and then once a month until the candidate has worked for the company for at least 90 days and is content and performing well.