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Staffline Bangladesh is a leading and well recognized human resource management company in Bangladesh. The company believes that employees of a company make it grow and this is why we make our manpower services to the point.

Manpower Service IN BANGLADESH

Staffline Bangladesh's Services is a well-established South Asia based organization specialized in manpower supply and recruitment services. We focus on providing quality manpower for various types of business organizations. Our experts thoroughly assess recruitment process and identify the best candidate. We also give prime focus on the health and safety of the employees so that they can focus on their work.

We organize these services to satisfy the particular criteria of clients. Our industry's experts extensively evaluate clients' demands and arrange services accordingly. We provide services such as Manpower Consultant, Manpower Supply, Contract Labor, and many more.
We have a good office structure with a team of technical experts and administration to collaborate to understand the needs of clients and provide tailor-made solutions while keeping to quality standards. Through our refined process, extensive data base, and extremely healthy professional techniques of picking the qualified person for a given placement, we provide entire recruitment, training, devoted personnel, and placement solutions.

As one of the leading providers of manpower services in the region. Staffline Bangladesh provides different categories of  semi-skilled and skilled personnel to support our clients. Staffline is a manpower company where expertise, vision and energy help to expand the talent pool. We are able to provide our clients with a full solution for Manpower Supply because of our vast industry expertise. Our firm is supported by competent and experienced staff, allowing us to satisfy clients’ exact needs. Apart from that, our personnel’s excellent technical backgrounds enable us to provide the highest level of client satisfaction. We guarantee our clients quick execution and high-quality services.


1.   Affordable Service

2.   Expertise Services

3.   Satisfactory Service

We concentrate on providing excellent Manpower Consultant services to our clients. We pick individuals by conducting several talent evaluation tests and provide our clients with a full Manpower solution. We organize these services beginning with hiring, wage consultancy services, and quality personnel suggestions. Because of our vast industry knowledge, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution to their particular needs and requirements.


  • Reliable services
  • Clients focusing services
  • Affordable services

Staffline Bangladesh is your one-stop shop for all things contingent workforce. Companies all across the world may use our comprehensive services to provide analytics, compliance, and strategic mobilization without sacrificing excellent customer service. We are one of the most popular service providers, offering Skilled, Semi-Skilled, and Unskilled Labor services. Our organization’s qualified, semi-skilled, and unskilled workforce have their own tools and are experienced enough to provide clients with quality-based and timely services. Aside from that, our experts are knowledgeable about the most recent technologies and are capable of delivering maximum client satisfaction.


1.   Experienced workers

2.   Reasonable services

3.   Dependable services

We are one of the largest service providers, capable of providing our clients with trustworthy services for front and back office executives. The cooperation of specialists in our business enables us to provide these services to our clients in a very efficient manner. Our experts screen resumes based on experience and qualifications and provide our clients with literate and experienced staff. We provide customized services to ensure optimum client satisfaction.


1.   Featured services

2.   Designed as per specifications

3.   Competent services

Staffline is a human resources solution provider that focuses on business results. Because our member organizations represent a diverse range of industries and company sizes, we tailor our services to your specific requirements, no matter how big or small. You may certainly go to an internet job portal and find the right candidate for your organization. It is critical that you understand the distinction between hiring a job placement service and recruiting people yourself.


1.   Customization services

2.       Professional services

3.       Reliable services

We provide excellent Technical Staffs services to our clients in order to meet their necessary criteria. Our services are planned and delivered in a highly methodical manner, with special care devoted to the individual needs of clients. We conduct numerous recruitment methods to locate well-trained Technical Staffs for our clients in order to maintain industry standards. We ensure our clients prompt execution, cost effectiveness, and reliable services.

1. Planned services
2. Highly appreciated services
3. Satisfactory services

As a client-focused company, we are able continue providing our clients with effective solutions for Managers and Department Heads. Our primary goal is to deliver excellent services to our clients; therefore we arrange these services in a highly methodical manner and ensure that our customer receives well-trained and skilled employees. We use a number of structured recruitment techniques to pick people who are well-educated, experienced, and accomplished.

We are a step ahead in providing our clients with effective Engineer services. To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied, we rigorously prepare our services and hire well-trained and highly efficient Engineers. We provide these engineers from many sectors, including software, mechanical, electrical, and civil, based on the needs of our clients. Furthermore, we conduct a variety of instructional events to educate our engineers and ensure that our clients receive results-oriented services.


1.   Appreciated services

2.   Reliable services

3.   Result oriented services

Staffline Bangladesh is a leading and well recognized human resource management company in Bangladesh & South Asia. The company believes that employees of a company make it grow and this is why we make our manpower services to the point.