Discover How Our Staffline Bangladesh Delivers the Brightest Candidates. Staffline's greatest strength is its ability to organize and maintain an upstream database of over 150,000 talents through its network. We offer Candidate Contingency and Executive Search, Contract Staffing, Recruiting & Headhunting, Manpower Outsourcing, And Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Service of Headhunting

We focus on applicants who enjoy their current job, go- getter mindset, and explain why we could have a career opportunity for them, we ensure a high level of service for both candidates and customers, which is why they love us! As said, we connect, we care!

About Our Headhunters Hunting Service

At Staffline Bangladesh, we think that a competent headhunter must have a strong presence in the labor market, thus we ensure that our procedures are up to current with the latest technology. In terms of the capacity to comprehend the wants of each necessity. In other words, we think that there is no such thing as the perfect applicant, but rather the ideal individual for our client as well as the ideal company for each prospect.

This is why our headhunting service combines search design approaches, digital technologies, and the highly crafted work of Staffline's professionals. We are certain that technology has much to offer our job, thus we ensure that our processes are up to date. However, it is the seasoned recruiter who will identify the best talent.

Headhunters for Companies - We Are Experts at Finding Top Talent

Finding talent requires dedication, technological tools, networking, talent data base, and a well -trained eye. Discipline is essential for staying ahead of each industry's demands and updating applicant outreach on a regular basis. Trending methodologies and technological solutions are excellent for exhausting all search channels and increasing visibility of available applicants for all openings. Perception is possibly the most crucial skill for finding a candidate who is tailored to our clients' demands and culture.

How do our headhunters work?

First of All, Staffline's headhunters meet with their clients to understand their pros and cons requirements. This implies that we assist firms in designing the position that best fits their team: what degree of seniority to pursue, what sort of work modality they should adopt, Scope of work, what skill sets are essential to the profile, team size, Culture Fit, and what offer & perks will be appealing enough to attract that candidate.
Secondly, we do primary R&D onto the role, make strategy and talent mapping according to the characteristics of the search & requirements. We then work on the selective recruitment channels, develop a pragmatic industry specific plan to approach as many potential candidates as possible based on the respective country & Job nature, and assess each case to bring in those we consider as the best and culture fit candidates.
Once the applicants have interviewed with their potential employer, we assist both sides in the win-win negotiation process to make sure that the client and candidate are happy with the result. Yes, we connect and care.


We initiate the recruiting process by concentrating on the particular job description from our client, which includes a full briefing meeting explaining the company's background, Job Specifications, Accurate Knowledge about role, structure, market status, companies’ revenue, employee branding, team size, scope of work, culture fit, reputation, stability, growth, and future plans. This helps us to maintain a clear mind while searching for the right choice. And then we look for the appropriate candidate for the position.


We outline the most appropriate recruitment tools, technics & strategy for the brief. Starting with a deep industry analysis, Knowledge to moving to organizational maps from which the suitable candidate may be headhunted. We don't just hire the first person that comes along. Our research begins with your cooperation. We schedule proper meeting with our clients to obtain precise information regarding your task needs.

We narrow down the job description and applicant description from our customer. This enables us to maintain our minds clean while searching for the best option. During the comprehensive briefing session with the customers, we determine the business culture, market status, structure, stability, growth, and future ambitions. Then we hunt for the best applicant for the job.


When we headhunt prospects, we personally interview individuals who look to be a perfect fit for the ideal profile. We employ a competency-based interview method that is tailored to each assignment. These interviews are performed in an informal way, and they normally span 2–3 hours. During these interviews, we thoroughly evaluate each candidate against the main criteria specified in the brief. We prioritize work exposure, skill set, culture fit, accomplishments, match to job-candidate expectations, personality, and cultural fit. Our team keeps an open eye to all industry functions, referrals, and job searches.


Following the completion of the interviews, we develop a shortlist of applicants that we believe are the best fit for the client mandate. We produce and submit a detailed report on each of the shortlisted candidates, which includes a two-page summary of the candidate's suitability for the job.

We only shortlist individuals that meet the job description following successful interview sessions. Our team creates detailed reports on each prospect. The report includes the candidates' job fit, psychosomatic test, their needs, career highlights and any further information that is required. Following that, the report is delivered to our clients. They then finalize the people they want to work for them.

Clients Interview:

We arrange for the client and the prospective candidate to meet in a formal environment, and then we share detailed report from one to the other.

Concluding Assignment:

We help the client in understanding how to prepare an offer and communicate it to the selected candidate. We work as a go-between between the client and the candidate to negotiate an amicable agreement both ends.


We take up references at least two for Previous Employer and Academic Record, online or offline from the candidate along with Police verification if necessary and submit a Reference Check Report to the client.


We provide resignation, relocation, and counter-offer counseling in the form of proactive written and verbal communication and assistance to the candidate, resulting in a high offer acceptance rate.

Lifetime Relationship :

We feel that this is the beginning of a long-term partnership between Staffline and the placed Candidate. We ensure that we keep in touch with the candidate forever the we we connect and care.

We also manage staffing issues after the recruitment is completed. We assist to complete on boarding, induction session, training, background checking, payroll, Income Tax to reward schemes. Staflline connects and care keeping the fullest employee engagement forever.