Offshore Outsourcing

Partnering with an outside professional can successfully transform your strategy to provide meaningful business outcomes more quickly when it comes to your offshore outsourcing services.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes are taking every precaution to remain profitable, including outsourcing some of their activities to offshore partners. Staffline’s Offshore outsourcing allows companies to save money while increasing market share in respective sectors.

We work to provide our clients with offshore outsourcing services that are of the finest quality, trustworthy, reliable, and economical. With the advantages we provide, we create value for our clients and provide their company a competitive edge. Whatever your company or sector, obtaining specialized expertise may play a critical role in ensuring that operations go without a hitch.

Through our special global network, we offer you resources, skills, and experience that are unmatched. As a consequence, we can give you the tools you need, wherever you are in the world, to achieve your goals. For businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors, we have created dedicated teams of experts that produce significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

Offload a business activity, procedure, or workflow to us, and keep your attention on developing your business while we take care of all your demands. We build your dedicated team based on your exact requirements for Offshore, Nearshore and Onshore Outsourcing in Bangladesh and South Asia and our refined 5-step process, which enables you to lead a stress-free professional life.

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

1. Lower Labor Cost and Access to Skilled Experts/ Labor

2. Savings and Financial Incentives and Economic Efficiency

3. Government Incentives, Economic Efficiency and Economic Efficiency

4. Improved Control on Operations, The Opportunity to Scale Up Sustainably

5. Reach Newer Overseas Markets and dramatic Cost Reduction and Good Quality

6. Cultural and Geographical Obstacles and Rising Wages and Poor Security

7. Experienced team with extensive business knowledge and compliance know-how

8. Standardized processes and consistent high quality

9. Innovative & comprehensive solutions for business needs

10. Access to global networks with industry specialists and Creative business skills & innovative technology

11. Strategic changing business and commercial conditions

12. Faster turnaround time, Round the clock availability

13. Economic Efficiency, Higher Savings on Operational Costs14. 

14. Sustainable Scalability and No Retraining and Opening Up Opportunities in New Locations

Our Offshore Outsourcing Services Include:

Human Resource services: Talent acquisition, Recruiting & Headhunting, Executive Search, Workforce Management, Contingent staffing, HR management consultancy, Payroll Processing, Training and Development

Customer Relations Management: Research and survey, Quality assurance, Customer support and feedback, Online Support

Sales: Sales Activation, Sales promotion, tele sales, field force, BR, MR, SR, Officer

Marketing: Digital marketing, marketing research, branding, promotional decisions, analyst, etc.

IT and software operations: Frontend & Backend engineer, Web development, IT helpdesk, Software engineering, IT Consulting, PHP developer, Full stack Developer,

Finance and Accounting Services: Bookkeeping, General accounting, Revenue assurance, Project accounting, Project audit, Financial due diligence, Costing, Receivables collection, Corporate restructuring, Debt restructuring, Data Entry, M&A services.


Staffline recruiting services are accessible for around a third of the cost of hiring local employees. Furthermore, remote working eliminates the requirement for infrastructure development at your workplace. There are no costs for recruitment or training. Moreover, there is no need to comply with regulations, Medicare, or other benefits. Additionally, incentives and overtime charges are not required. So, when you add together all of the direct and indirect benefits of using an offshore hiring firm, 75% savings on labor costs is a conservative figure.

Yes, in order to deliver the greatest possible service to our consumers, we must have a well-trained workforce. We have a state-of-the-art (in-house) training center with a specialized trainer. Furthermore, we offer 35 distinct training modules that include English communication, soft skills, Asian culture, software and technology utilized in the accounting business, and so on. Furthermore, we are constantly updating these training sessions to reflect the most recent market trends. Is the agreement binding upon me once I sign up?

No, there is no minimum commitment period for a specific employee. However, for Temporary its 43 months, for permanent its 6 months with the Staffline.

Hourly charges start at $10/hour, depend upon a few aspects.

  1. The Condition of skill and experiences level
  2. Employment model
  3. Where you would like to prefer offshore model or outsourcing option, depends on.